Sinus Grafting

Sinus Grafting

A sinus graft (or augmentation) is a surgery that adds bone into your upper to help retain implants. 

Some patients do not have enough bone for their proposed implants and need a small amount adding. This is usually at the back of your upper jaw where a patient has lost their molar teeth and the sinus is close to this area. This would be undertaken by our Implantologist Nigel Kirk.

When is a sinus lift required?

If you do not have enough bone height in your upper jaw for implants you will require a sinus graft to increase the amount of bone.

The main reasons you may require a sinus graft are:

  • Gum disease (periodontal disease) causing bone loss.
  • Trauma to your back teeth or tooth loss through dental disease such as abscesses.
  • Resorption of bone after teeth have been extracted in the past. If teeth are lost in an area of your mouth your body will dissolve that bone away, reducing the height of your bone.
  • Your maxillary sinus has simply formed lower in your jaw than other people.

Sinus lifts are a common procedure as an adjunct to dental implants and provide a predictable long-term solution for patients who would otherwise be unsuitable for them.

What does a sinus lift involve?

The steps for sinus lift surgery are:

  • Your gum will be cut where the teeth have been lost and we are proposing to lift the bone.
  • This is lifted up a little bit to enable access to the bone under the gum.
  • A small window is created in the side of the bone
  • Your sinus membrane is lifted a little and artificial bone is placed into the hole.
  • This is closed up and sealed.

Sometimes this needs to be left for a number of months to allow it to heal before we place your implants. Sometimes we can place your implants on the same appointment, this depends on the individual case.

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