Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Successful implant treatment requires an adequate amount of bone to act as a foundation, this means enough depth and enough width of bone.

Sometimes patients do not have enough bone to receive dental implant treatment. In most patients more bone can be added to improve the amount we have to work with. Bone can be lost due to multiple reasons including trauma, gum disease or injury. Patients who have been missing their teeth for a number of years also often have a lot of bone missing as their body has resorbed it.

What does bone grafting involve?

The procedure for bone grafting is generally a painless, minimally invasive procedure undertaken by Nigel at your implant placement appointment under a standard local anaesthetic. It is sometimes undertaken at your extraction appointment. When a patient is missing quite a lot of bone then we would place your bone grafting then leave this for a number of months to heal.

How does it work?

Your bone is continuously regrowing. With bone grafting we aim to fool your body’s own regrowing mechanism to completely replace our artificial graft with your own bone, this can take some time.

What is the material used for bone grafting?

This depends on the patient as well as the procedure we are undertaking. The majority of the grafting we use is completely artificial. In certain cases we may use the patient’s own bone. We sometimes use bone from animal donors such as cows or pigs. This will be discussed with you if you require bone grafting.

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