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Gums Periodontal Treatment

Treatment for gum disease at Castlegate Dental Centre.

Periodontology refers to the care of the gums, bone and supporting structures of the teeth. At Castlegate we will screen your gums for signs of periodontal disease at every check-up appointment.

  • Gum diseases are caused by plaque and bacteria around the teeth and fall into 2 categories: gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Good gum health is important for your general well-being, as gum diseases are associated with other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


  • This is inflammation of the edge of the gums, which is reversible with the correct home care and treatment.
  • The first signs of gingivitis may be red, swollen gums or bleeding gums when you brush your teeth.

Treatment of Gingivitis

  • We will fully assess your gums and refer you to one of our dental hygienists, who will teach you how to adapt your oral hygiene to remove plaque bacteria effectively from your gums at home. We will then professionally clean your teeth with our EMS Airflow system and remove stain and calculus (also known as tartar – hardened plaque deposits). We will provide a bespoke follow-up plan according to your individual needs and response to treatment, to help you maintain your gum health.


  • This happens when inflammation has progressed beyond the gum edge, causing damage to the underlying tissues and bone.
  • It has been shown that 50% of adults in the UK have some degree of periodontal disease and that 10% are particularly susceptible.
  • Periodontitis can be a silent condition and the loss of supporting bone is irreversible. This can lead to symptoms that are difficult to live with such as gum abscesses, loosening of teeth and eventually tooth loss. However, it is almost entirely preventable if caught early and supported with the correct home care and dental treatment. Intervention at any stage can help slow the disease and prolong the life of your teeth. We understand that a diagnosis of periodontal disease, particularly if it is advanced, can be very emotional and we are here to support you throughout your treatment.

Treatment of established periodontal disease

  • If you are diagnosed with periodontitis, we will take measurements of the attachment of your gums and note the areas of bleeding. This will be supported by x-rays or in some cases CBCT scanning, to help us visualise the bone around your teeth and direct treatment where it is most needed. We will provide you with an evidence-based treatment plan for optimal care.

Phase 1: Hygiene and non-surgical treatment

  • You will meet with one of our hygienists to create a home care plan to help you clean your teeth effectively at home. Your teeth will be cleaned above the gum with our EMS Airflow system and any visible hard deposits and staining is removed. It is essential that your home care reduces the inflammation of your gums before we can carry out further treatment.
  • Once inflammation has reduced, we will carry out one or two appointments to clean the tooth below the gumline. This may involve scaling of your teeth below the gum and a treatment called root surface debridement or RSD (a modern form of root planing). If required, we can gently numb your gums for this procedure.
  • Phase 2: Review and consider surgical treatment
  • We will review you around 8 weeks after your initial treatment is complete and reassess your gums. If there has been enough improvement you will move straight to maintenance treatment. If your periodontitis is still active, we may recommend a repeat of the non-surgical treatment or consider a surgical procedure where the gum is gently lifted under local anaesthetic, so the tooth roots can be seen and cleaned directly.
  • Phase 3: Monitoring and maintenance
  • We will provide you with exceptional follow-up care because clinical studies confirm that this is the key factor in maintaining your gum health in the long term. Your dentist and hygienist will recommend a personalised follow-up programme, to help support you in maintaining the results of your hard work and treatment. We will provide further Airflow treatment as needed. These appointments are likely to be needed at 3-month intervals initially. If you are prone to periodontal disease it essential that you have re-assessment at regular intervals, as it may flare-up again in the future.

Periodontal disease and tooth loss

  • Periodontal treatment aims to manage and slow periodontal disease, but it is not a permanent cure. Despite best efforts by both the patient and the practice it is not possible to save every tooth affected by periodontitis. If it becomes necessary to lose a tooth your dentist will discuss with you how to manage the resultant space in the short and longer term.

Dental implants and gum health

  • In preparation for implants and to maintain your dental implants gum health around all teeth is a priority. Here at Castlegate we can provide you with a personalised treatment protocol based on excellent home care and EMS Airflow technology treatment, which is widely regarded as the gold -standard in implant maintenance.

Gum recession

  • Gum recession may be a sign of periodontal disease, gum trauma or a natural consequence of the gum maturing. If you have recession, we can diagnose its cause and discuss with you ways to protect the delicate gum and exposed tooth roots. Where recession has left gaps between your teeth it may be possible to provide cosmetic Bioclear composite fillings to disguise the dark spaces.

Further information

  • Visit the British Society of Periodontology at for further information.

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