Single Implants

Single Implants

Single implants are an ideal way of replacing a missing tooth. If you have lost a tooth due to an accident, gum disease or oral health complications this is often the best treatment for you. It is designed to restore the natural feel and appearance you had with your original tooth.

The main advantage of a single implant is that it does not need to involve treatment of your adjacent teeth. The typical treatment options for a single missing tooth are

  • Leave the gap
  • A single toothed denture
  • A bridge involving your adjacent teeth
  • A single implant

Involving your neighbouring teeth can involve cutting these down for a bridge and if your adjacent teeth are perfectly healthy this is best avoided.

The implant will also help maintain the bone around the missing tooth area, once a tooth is lost the bone will gradually resorb away if left, often creating an unsightly defect.

If you leave the gap of your missing tooth the adjacent teeth can tip into this space or the opposite tooth can move upwards into the resulting gap. This can create both an aesthetic problem but also a dental hygiene problem as these often trap more food, increasing the risk of gum disease and decay. It also reduces your eating ability, leading to an increased load on your remaining teeth.

A single tooth implant can be looked after in the same way as your other remaining teeth. Appropriate brushing and cleaning the interdental spaces between your teeth.

Dental implants have been shown to have an extremely good long-term success rate and are a reliable, natural looking replacement for your missing teeth.

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