Pre Treatment

Pre Treatment

You will either be referred by your own Dentist for a CBCT scan of your mouth or you will have been advised by one of our dentists at Castlegate Dental that this is an important test to undertake prior to your dental treatment.


A dental cone beam (CB) CT scanner uses x-rays and computer-processed x-ray information to produce 3D cross-sectional images of the jaws and teeth. It is a smaller, faster and safer version of the regular CT scanner. Through the use of a cone shaped x-ray beam, the radiation dosage is lower, and the time needed for scanning is reduced.

What happens during a CBCT scan?

It is a simple non-invasive procedure which is very quick, typically we can take one in only 10 minutes.

Your head will be carefully positioned, and you will be asked to keep absolutely still while the scan is taken. We will ask you not to swallow, talk or move your jaw during the exposure. The positioning takes a few minutes, but each scan takes less than a minute to perform. You may need more than one scan depending on the reason for your examination.

You will be given a copy of your scan on a USB.

 If you have been referred your own Dentist will receive a copy of this as well.

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If you have an emergency contact the practice on 01904 653 284 and our team will help you. Out of hours during weekends and weekday evenings we operate an emergency on call system, and you will be directed to the appropriate care.

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