Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Dental Appointment?

Please ring (01904 653284) email  (info@castlegatedental.co.uk) or just call in at the practice, and we will book an appointment convenient for you. If you need to cancel or change an appointment please give us as much notice as possible, at least 24 hours.

Should I be concerned about Coronavirus and Dental procedures?

No. We adhere strictly to all coronavirus guidelines. We have equipped all our surgeries with brand new Jade air sterilisation units. All our surgery air is completely cleaned every 4 minutes using ultraviolet filters, hepa filters and large particle filters. These are the surgical standard for operating theatres. If you are concerned please contact a member of our staff and we will discuss all the measures we have in place to protect you.

Do I need to visit the Dentist if I don’t feel any pain?

If you don’t have any pain it does not necessarily mean that don’t have any dental problems. Tooth decay and gum disease need to be quite severe before they cause you pain. Once they do start to hurt it could mean you require much more complex and expensive treatment. At your routine Dental examination we will check your teeth and gums very carefully and advise you of any potential problems. We also check for mouth cancer. If your teeth and gums are completely healthy, we will give you advice on how to keep them that way.

How safe and clean is Dental Treatment?

We take our cross infection and decontamination procedures very seriously. We strictly follow all the latest government advice and guidelines regarding our equipment and cross infection procedures. We will happily show you our dedicated decontamination facilities if you would like.

All our staff are trained in resuscitation and life saving techniques and we are equipped with a defibrillator.

What do I do if I have a Dental Emergency?

Ring the practice directly on 01904 653284 when we open at 8:30am. We keep emergency slots available every day so that if you do unfortunately have an emergency we can get you in as quickly as possible. If it is out of hours we are in a private Dentistry on call rota for the area. Still ring the practice on 01904653284 and you will be directed how to contact the emergency dentist.

What are the signs of mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer can develop in many different ways and can affect any part of your mouth, tongue, lips, neck. It can be completely painless and show something similar to an ulcer but does not heal. If you notice anything you are concerned about please tell your Dentist or Hygienist. This is why it is so important to keep regular examinations with your Dentist so we can check all these areas for you. Mouth cancer kills over 1700 people every year in the UK and many of these could be prevented if this is diagnosed early

What do I do if a knock one of my teeth out?

Firstly, don’t panic.

If it is clean and does not have anything on it and not broken try and avoid touching the root end and just gently push it back into the socket it came from. Please ensure it is the correct way up and facing in the correct way. Ring us immediately.

If it is dirty or you are not happy putting it back in either keep it in milk or place it in your mouth behind your front lip then contact us immediately

Do not try and clean the tooth

Teeth can often be saved

What do I do if I am not happy with my treatment?

If you are at all unhappy about anything please contact us, we try very hard to ensure our patients are pleased with the work we do for them. We will try our very best to resolve any worries you have as quickly and as professionally as possible.

The person responsible for dealing with any concerns in your practice is the Practice Manager Mrs Deborah Britton-Twort.

If you are unhappy about an aspect of your care, speak to a member of the reception staff either by telephone or at the reception desk. After listening to a description of the problem the Practice Manager should be contacted. Should the designated person or other responsible person not be available at the time, you will be informed when she/he will be available and arrangements will be made for you to meet. The member of staff will take brief details of the concern and pass them to the Practice Manager.

If you write to express your concern, by letter or email, this will be passed on to the designated person in the case of administrative issues, and for clinical issues, to the treating dentist concerned who is responsible for the clinical care provided.

 If your concern is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges, the dentist involved, Nigel Kirk, the Practice owner, will be informed.

We will acknowledge in writing any concerns within two working days. If you have raised a concern in writing, the written acknowledgement will also include a copy of this Code of Practice. We will investigate the concern and report back to you within ten working days. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete our investigations within ten working days, we will notify you, giving reasons for the delay and the likely period within which the investigation will be completed.

We will confirm the outcome of the investigation and any decisions made in writing.

Proper and comprehensive records are kept of any concerns/complaints received.

 If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the outcome or the procedure, you may write to the owner Nigel Kirk at the following address:

Dr Nigel Kirk, PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, Castlegate Dental Centre, 1 Castlegate, York YO1 9RN

If you remain dissatisfied, you may contact:-

The Dental Complaints Service, The Lansdowne Building, 2 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, CR0 6BA. Tel: 020 8253 0800.